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Mulberry - A soft velvety smokey lavender.

Vintage Market Paint™-A Chalk Based Paint *Note: Photos are our actual jars of paint and due to different computer/phone/tablet monitors/calibrations colors may vary slightly from the picture.
For the best depiction of all 75 colors, please see our hand-painted color chart.

4 Ounce- Coverage=12-25 sq. ft.
8 Ounce- Coverage=25-50 sq. ft.
16 Ounce- Coverage=50-100 sq. ft.

Coverage areas are approximate and may vary depending on the dryness of wood or the type of surface being painted.

Stir and mix paint well.
Extend brush only 1/4" into paint
Apply very thin coat in a crisscross pattern.
Allow to dry, then 'cure' (allowing strong adhesion) for 3-12 hours depending on humidity levels in your area.
Apply 2nd coat in same manner.  
Paint is self-leveling.
Allow to dry and 'cure' for 12-24 hours.
Apply VMP&F Natural Wax to enhance depth or to deepen tone of paint color.  
VMP&F Wax will also combine with VMP&F Furniture Paint creating an enduring finish.
Once wax is absorbed, wipe of excess and buff with soft cloth.
After 24 hours apply VMP&F Clear Coat to seal your work!