Lace - Creamy Ivory White

Vintage Market Paint™

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Creamy ivory white with a touch of warmth by Vintage Market Paint & Finishes - A Chalk/Mineral Based Paint

*Note: Photos are our actual jars of paint but due to different computer/phone/tablet monitors/calibrations colors may vary slightly from the picture.


*4 Ounce- Coverage=12-25 sq ft        *16 Ounce- Coverage=50-100 sq ft      

*8 Ounce- Coverage=25-50 sq ft        *32 Ounce- Coverage=100-160 sq ft         

*Coverage areas are approximate- Coverage may vary depending on dryness of wood or type of surface being painted.


Stir and mix paint well.

Extend brush only 1/4" into paint

Apply very thin coat in a crisscross pattern.

Allow to dry, for 20 minutes -12 hours depending on humidity levels in your area.

Apply 2nd coat in same manner.  

Allow to dry and for 12-24 hours.

*Wax and/or any of our other specialty finishes desired can be applied at this time.  Refer to each finish for proper application.

Sealing Your Piece for Durability

After 12-24 hours apply Vintage Market Paint & Finishes "Clear Coat Sealer" in Satin, Semi-gloss or Gloss to seal your work and for lasting durability!  Highly used areas on pieces should receive 2-3 applications of sealer with sanding with a 220 grit sanding pad in between each coat to knock off any particles that may settle during the drying process.  A feather light sanding with a finishing pad for a baby behind finish is desired for the last coat.